Potential Leak Suggests a Game-Free PS5 Bundle with PlayStation Plus Subscription

The next PS5 bundle may have just leaked, and while previous packages have included flagship games such as Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarök, and Final Fantasy 16, Sony’s latest official bundle reportedly won’t include a game at all.

What the Leak Reveals

A set of images published on Twitter suggest that the next PS5 bundle will forgo a game and instead include 24 months of PlayStation Plus Premium. This information comes via @Zuby_Tech, who has a track record of leaking PS5 bundles. While this leak comes from a historically reliable source, until Sony comments on the matter, it should still be considered unconfirmed.

Details of the Leaked PS5 Bundle

The leaked images indicate that the bundle will include a regular PS5 console with a disc drive, which is a little surprising as a PS5 Digital Edition would arguably make more sense considering PlayStation Plus is a wholly digital service. However, as with previous bundles, Sony may opt to sell this package with either a disc-based or a digital-only PS5 console.

Console Variant and Regional Possibility

As this bundle is technically just rumored, there are no details on price or availability at present. However, doing some napkin math, a PS5 console retails for $499 (or $399 for the Digital Edition), and two years of PlayStation Plus Premium costs $239, which could mean this bundle will cost in the region of $740. This would make it the most expensive official bundle to date. There is also a possibility that this bundle could be a regional exclusive. In early 2021, Sony launched a Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart bundle that never made its way to the U.S., and the leaked images of this bundle appear to be from Germany. While the majority of Sony-produced PS5 bundles have been released worldwide, it’s not unheard of for a bundle to only launch in select markets.

PlayStation Plus Premium: A Valuable Alternative

Even if this PS5 bundle does retail for more than $700, I would still argue it’s Sony’s best-ever bundle. That’s because the value of a 24-month subscription to PlayStation Plus Premium is significantly higher than a single exclusive game.

Extensive Game Library and Access to Classics

In the summer of 2022, Sony revamped PlayStation Plus, splitting the service into three tiers (Essential, Extra, and Premium). At the time of writing, Premium subscribers get access to a catalog of almost 950 games, all of which are playable on PS5. Whatever your tastes, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something of interest to play, and the library refreshes every single month with new games added (and some games removed as well). You could buy this bundle and very comfortably not have to purchase a single game for an entire 24 months as you’d have so many options available to you via the PlayStation Plus library. Granted, you won’t get access to the latest releases on day one ala Game Pass, but the service does still include several of the best PS5 games, not to mention a large library of must-play games from the PS4 era. There’s even a small selection of classic PS3, PS2, PS1, and PSP games on the service.

Is It Worth the Wait?

So, if you’re planning to buy a PS5 console in the near future, I’d recommend holding fire to see if this leaked bundle makes its way to store shelves. Plus, this year is definitely a good time to pick up the