Service Policy



Repairing electronic devices involves certain risks that should be taken into consideration. Here are some potential risks associated with repairs:


  1. Device Damage: There is a possibility that your device may be irreparable or sustain permanent damage during the repair process, rendering it unusable. This can occur due to various factors, including the deterioration of circuit board components over time or the occurrence of unexpected issues, especially in liquid-damaged devices where components can corrode or short circuit.


  1. Screen Damage: Repairs on devices with glued-on screens, such as iPads, may involve prying the screen to access internal components. Screens are delicate and can crack or break during this process. Although we have highly experienced technicians and the risk of screen damage is minimal, there is still a possibility of breakage.


  1. Touch ID/Face ID Failure: In rare cases, the Touch ID or Face ID functionality on Apple devices may fail during the repair process, rendering these features unusable. The likelihood of this occurrence depends on the condition of the device.


  1. GPU Failure: Integrated GPUs on laptops and all-in-one computers, especially on older devices like 2011 MacBooks/iMacs or certain brands with known GPU problems, can fail unexpectedly. This risk should be considered, particularly for devices with a history of GPU issues.




While we strive to provide thorough estimates, it’s important to note that it may be challenging to identify all the problems affecting a device until some repair work is undertaken. Our estimates are subject to change or evolve as we progress with the servicing of your device. If any updates to the estimate are required, we will promptly inform you before proceeding further. Please note that any changes to the estimate will require your approval before we proceed. The initial estimate will remain valid within the scope of the originally attached services, but we may advise you if the original service is deemed unnecessary or unlikely to resolve the issue.


Please ensure that you seek an estimate before submitting your device for repair. By submitting your device, we assume that you want us to proceed with the repair attempt, and we expect that you have already sought an estimate or quote if necessary.


Payment Options


We accept all major credit and debit cards for repair services, provided that the repair cost is $200 or less. For amounts exceeding $250, we may request payment via check/money order or offer the option of a wire transfer for security purposes. It is your responsibility to inquire about the available payment options and comply with our rules and regulations regarding repair payment.


All invoices are set with a 30-day payment term. Gadget Control will send multiple payment reminders to ensure timely payment. Failure to make payment within the 30-day period may result in device recycling.


Limited Shop Warranty


We offer a 60-day warranty on all repairs. If any issues from the original work order recur within 60 days, we will reperform the service at no additional cost. Additionally, all parts used during the repair are guaranteed for 60 days from the date of service. However, please note that the warranty does not cover unrelated issues or symptoms that may develop within the warranty period, or issues caused by services not performed or the original problem diagnosed and repaired.


Warranty Exclusions


The following items are not covered under our warranties or guarantees, explicit or implicit:


– Any service involving parts not purchased through Gadget Control

– Software issues, including virus removal or operating system installations

– New symptoms/issues unrelated to the original service within the 60-day guarantee period

– Installation of new hardware or modifications to existing hardware within the 60-day guarantee period, which voids the Gadget Control Limited Shop Warranty

– Recurrence of original symptoms or issues caused by user error or negligence within the 30-day guarantee period, such as physical damage,


liquid damage, electrical damage, or damage caused by harmful software components

– Physical tampering or damage to the device during the warranty period, including cracked screens, casing dents, internal damage not present at the time of the original repair, attempts to open or modify the device, using non-original charging cables, or any action that may cause the repair to fail


Please note that tampering with or damaging the device within the warranty period voids the Gadget Control Limited Warranty. This includes actions that could potentially cause the failure of our repair.


Warranty Repairs


If your device malfunctions or fails within 60 days of receiving it, we will perform the repair again at no extra cost, provided the issue is related to the original work order. In the case of unrelated issues, we will notify you of the repair cost before proceeding. Refunds will only be issued if we are unable to fix your device, minus the repair attempt fee and return shipping. Before issuing a refund, we may attempt to verify the validity of the claim. If your device qualifies for a warranty repair, you will be responsible for shipping it back to us, and we will cover the return shipping.


Estimate and Repair Time


We strive to provide repairs promptly, but the duration of your repair is influenced by various factors beyond our control. We will service your device in the order it was received and aim to complete many repairs within 1-48 hours. However, we cannot guarantee specific service times, and any references to service times on our website or in promotional materials are estimates based on previous experience. They do not represent an exact time frame or offer guarantees.


Replacement Parts Procedure


If a service requires parts, we will inform you of the need and provide details such as the necessary part, associated costs, and an estimated arrival time. However, please note that shipping times are beyond our control, and our estimates are not guarantees of arrival by a specific time. If you prefer to hold onto your device until the parts arrive, a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the ordered parts’ cost will be required. Generally, we do not use parts not purchased through Gadget Control to ensure functional and compatible components for your device. Parts not supplied by Gadget Control  are not covered by any warranty or guarantee unless provided by the manufacturer. By providing your own parts, you acknowledge and agree that our work is not covered by the Gadget Control Limited Shop Warranty or any other explicit or implicit guarantee. You also waive any liability for damage caused by faulty parts or part incompatibilities.


Repair Attempt Fee


For devices that require motherboard repairs, data recovery, or have had prior repair attempts, we charge a repair attempt fee. This fee ranges from $40 to $100 and covers the time spent working on your device in cases where repair is unsuccessful, data recovery is not possible, or the device has been previously worked on before reaching our shop.


Shipping Policy


We follow the shipping instructions provided when you fill in the mail-in form. Failure to request insurance renders any shipping damages solely the responsibility of the customer, and Gadget Control assumes no liability for such damages. Additionally, devices not shipped in their original packaging are more susceptible to damage during shipping. If you send us your device in a generic box, we will return it to you in a generic box at your own risk. If you provide your own shipping label, please ensure that it includes insurance if desired, as we are unable to provide insurance for pre-purchased labels.


When placing an order, the order amount must be equal to or greater than the shipping amount. If the order amount is less than the shipping amount, the order may be canceled, and you will be notified accordingly.



Gadget Control prioritizes the security and safety of your data; however, we cannot guarantee its protection. While we take extensive precautions to maintain the integrity of your data during our services, we cannot assume liability for any data loss resulting from our repairs.

If we anticipate that a particular procedure may pose a risk to your data, we will notify you in advance, detailing the potential impact and offering the option to back up your data at an additional cost. Nevertheless, due to the intricate nature of electronic devices, it is impossible to predict with certainty the outcome for every data scenario. We strongly advise you to back up all important files and documents before submitting your device for service, whether by dropping it off or mailing it to us.

Pick up Time

To accommodate our limited storage capacity, we will retain your devices for a maximum of 60 days from the date we notify you to pick them up. If we do not receive any communication from you within this 60-day period, we will consider your device abandoned. In such cases, Gadget Control reserves the right to sell the device to recover the costs incurred for services and the replacement parts used, or alternatively, recycle the device if it is non-functional.

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the preservation of your equipment beyond the initial 60-day period. It is crucial that you collect your equipment promptly or make suitable arrangements with Gadget Control for storing your devices until you can retrieve them. In the event that you arrange for pickup after the 60-day period, a monthly storage fee of $50 will be applicable.